Stadil et Stadil x ARENSBAK


STADIL et STADIL x ARENSBAK is the newest addition to a portfolio of several Grand Cru Champagnes from Les Montagnes de Reims and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

The founder behind the project 'Le Non Moi' is very fascinated by the world of grower champagnes. With the new non-alcoholic cuvées from ARENSBAK, this collaboration makes a statement that proxy wines are the future within premium non-alcoholic wine alternatives.

" Not drinking alcohol doesn't mean sacrificing the rich and connected taste experience. And it certainly doesn't have to be boring. ARENSBAK demonstrates this with their outstanding proxy wines - fermented alternatives to traditional wine made without grapes. Therefore, we have formed a partnership with ARENSBAK, and I believe the result has turned out great. We hope that you will enjoy our non-alcoholic bubbles!"

– Christian Stadil

LE NON MOI describes the state where our self-consciousness diminish, allowing for a unity of subject, object and action – a state of complete immersion in the present activity. In this context, ‘mindful drinking’ represents an intriguing movement.

Stadil et Stadil | LE NON MOI

The front label is crafted using linocut and designed in collaboration with Anthony Dettori, Senior graphic designer at VANS.
Inspired by Buddhist themes and philosophical-spiritual iconography, the artwork contains many intricate details. Among them is the snake, ouroboros, a symbol dating back 5,000 years that represents the cycle of birth and death, along with the moon, which symbolizes both creation and intuition.

Illustration til labels af Anthony Dettori

The hands symbolize ‘le non-moi’, encouraging letting go of our ego and self-consciousness - achieved by transcending and surrendering. This being through meditation, deep conversations, immersion in art, reading - or even enjoying a glass of bubbles.

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