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The Siblings Vibeke and Christian Arensbak had the idea for ARENSBAK gourmet drinks in 2020, but it was only when we met Emilie and Bram, sommelier and food scientist, that we had found the team who could understand our idea – and through the possibilities of gastrophysics, they developed the recipes and production methods.

Christian & Vibeke Arensbak, Founders

hånd der rækker efter en skål
The Taste of ARENSBAK
with Emilie Øst-Jacobsen
reflektioner fra vinglas
The Creation of ARENSBAK
with Bram Kerkhof


billede af Emilie Øst-Jacobsen
Emilie Øst-Jacobsen

Emilie is an trained waiter from Michelin-starred Kong Hans Kælder and subsequently trained as a sommelier at Michelin-starred Restaurant Alchemist and at renowned Bistro Bohème. She is an expert in flavour combinations and has worked within this area as a sommelier at a number ofCopenhagen's Michelin-starred restaurants. Emilie has identified the flavours that give ARENSBAK that very special character and taste.

billede af Bram Kerkhof
Bram Kerkhof

Bramis a skilled R&D specialist with experience in microbiology, fermentation,and a background in renowned restaurant kitchens. He possesses a natural talentfor developing new compositions, incorporating innovative and creative ideas,and identifying the essence of flavor experiences. Bram's passion for taste isevident in his exceptional quality creations, which consistently meet thehighest standards of taste and quality. With his vast expertise, Bram is avaluable asset to ARENSBAK, contributing to the creation of some of thedanish food industry's most delicious and innovative products.

billede af Christian Arensbak
Christian Arensbak

Christian has an vast experience in branding, sales and marketing from leading national and international companies. In addition to this, he has a real entrepreneurial gene with more than 10 start-ups in his past. Christian's focal point for starting new companies has always been his curiosity to find new products and services that do not exist, develop and launce them. Christian simply "makes things happen"!